We are pleased to introduce a brand-new, science inspired fashion company, Jewelry & Code. Founded by Dr. Jennifer Cohen and Dr. David Aguilar, their careers in medical science led them to a new mission. This mission was to offer women fashion that creatively, authentically, and artistically expressed their love for STEM in a beautiful way.


While some configurations are aesthetically unisex, some pieces and configurations are exceedingly beautiful in their femininity. This speaks to part of Jewelry and Code's mission. Co-Founder Jennifer Cohen says, “Women are engaged with science and technology in a way like never before. There are camps of young girls learning to code, women scientists fill entire convention halls, and little girls are doing experiments on YouTube. We are creating more ways for women to show their love for science.”


Jewelry & Code pledges 5% of their net profit to support non-profits for women in STEM.

Co-Founder Dr. Jenny Cohen

Co-Founder Dr. David Aguilar